Conception of the Safe Source Seal Program

Safe Source Seal was pioneered by
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.

ESCS is both a franchised and inventory stocking independent distributor of electronic components and hardware, and has been a long-standing advocate of promoting best practices to combat counterfeits and deliver superior quality service to its customers.

ESCS's commitment to quality is evidenced by having been among the first three companies in the U.S. to receive an AS9120 certification.  After five increasingly in-depth audits, the company achieved a 100% score in its 2008 full re-assessment audit.

ESCS believes that aerospace and military manufacturers should require their independent distributors to be AS9120 certified as the foundation of a quality management system that reduces the risk of counterfeit components entering the supply chain.  Safe Source Seal adds much needed sourcing validation to core AS9120 quality procedures, and ensures accountability through required open disclosure of AS9120 audit results.

ESCS is a member of the US Chamber of Commerce's Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy (CACP), the Government & Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) and the ERAI.  ESCS supports government and industry efforts to develop best practices in supply chain sourcing, and has been recognized as a leading advocate of quality standards to combat counterfeits.

For more information on additional strategies to combat counterfeits, visit ESCS's industry resource center,

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