Distributor Participation Requirements  

To participate in the Safe Source Seal Program, a distributor must meet the following criteria:

1.  Have and maintain a current AS9120 certification.

2.  Allow the most recent AS9120 audit results to be publicly visible on IAQG's OASIS database.

3.  Have all component testing for authenticity and functionality performed by a 3rd party test laboratory.

4.  Add an AS9120 Internal Procedure to the company Quality Management System Manual, approved by the Safe Source Seal Registrar, specifying:
4.a.  The system process used to document the source of all electronic component purchases. and classify them according to established Safe Source Seal Tier definitions.

4.b.  The system process for product classified as Tier 4 or not Safe Source Sealed to be re-classified to Tier 3 upon successful 3rd party testing.

4.c.  The system process used to indicate Tier classification by line-item on packing slips.
5.  Have not more than two incidences of mis-classification found in any AS9120 annual audit resulting in an audit finding.

6.  Use only authorized Safe Source Seal trademarks, graphic representations and statements referring to Program requirements or benefits.
Conformance with the above Program requirements will be annually confirmed by the Safe Source Seal Administrator.  Any failure by the distributor to maintain the above requirements shall be cause for review and potential revocation of Safe Source Seal registration.

To confirm a distributor's Safe Source Seal registration, please visit www.safesourceseal.com.