For Distributors:  How to Register  

If your company is an independent distributor of electronic components and holds a valid AS9120 certification, you may apply for participation in the Safe Source Seal Program.

Here's how to register:

(1) Review the program requirements as listed under
     "Distributor Participation Requirements".

(2) Print a copy of the Safe Source Seal Program Application.  Fill it out and mail to
     the Safe Source Seal Program Administrator.

(3) Include the initial registration fee of $195 with your submitted application, fully
     refundable should a Safe Source Seal registration not be granted.

(4) Following review of your submitted application, you will receive the Safe Source Seal
     AS9120 Internal Procedure template. Every company's operating procedures are
     unique, so fill in the template to integrate the process with your operations and
     return to the Safe Source Seal Administrator for review and approval.

(5) Following approval of your AS9120 Internal Procedure and payment of the first
     year's annual administration fee of $250, you will receive your Safe Source Seal
     registration number and license to participate in the Program.

(6) Customized Safe Source Seal labels bearing your company's AS9120 certificate
     number and Safe Source Seal registration number can be ordered directly from
     the Safe Source Seal Administrator.

For questions regarding the program or application process, please call (863) 301-0025, or email